Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

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Re: Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

Postby re-rose rose » Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:46 pm

"Coppy" Laws also had an interest in this field.

I could see a potential connection here between the people also interested in air ionizers: eg Townsend Brown, and de Seversky.

Wicki assigns the invention of the first effective (I read that as solving the ion problem!) air ionizer to him, but he was still in his mid-twenties when he designed a range-finding system that won a large cash award equated to that given to Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine.[1]

At the outbreak of war he was seconded to the Admiralty to work on the development of radar.[2] According to Rosalind Tan in her book The Truth About Air Electricity & Health, CA Laws had found out during his work on torpedoes for the Royal Navy that the German U-boats could stay under water longer and the crew stayed healthy because the air inside the U-boats was ionised.[5]

This was what had ignited his interest in the little-known phenomenon of air ionisation, and with Idries Shah as co-director he formed Medion (not the German electronics company).[1]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coppy_Laws :P
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Re: Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

Postby re-rose rose » Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:55 pm

Aha! More about Sir John Whitmore:

Sir John Whitmore is a former champion professional race-car driver, a businessman, and a sports psychologist who excels today as a management consultant. Sir John, a well known advocate of "coaching" in business, has written a best seller on the subject entitled: "Need, Greed or Freedom." Another popular work by Whitmore is: "Coaching for Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose."

But The Only Planet of Choice reveals that he also has a deeper side. Sir John has been a primary witness and interviewer of Tom - spokesperson for The Nine. Sir John's insight has the greatest benefit when his astute questions help clarify the meanings of The Nine's many messages.

Another of Sir John's important contributions has occurred whenever transceiver Phyllis Schlemmer had doubts or wished to "throw in the towel." At those times, John's constant mantra was "What if?" His support was also instrumental to the book ever being published. Phyllis feels that great thanks are owed to Sir John Whitmore as well as Tom for The Only Planet of Choice.

And now, not only is The Only Planet of Choice available, but finally Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth is available again, newly published as The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space. Written by Stuart Holroyd, a skeptical, yet open-minded observer, this book details the story behind the many special encounters with The Nine.


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Re: Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

Postby re-rose rose » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:28 pm

But Pujarich had met the Nine, long before, as he researched Henry Stone's Egyptian heiroglyphics, which he traced to a temple of the Nine (the Ennead Pantheon) in the city of Heliopolis, the city of the sun god. The Amanita Muscara, according to Stone, was used in their rituals because it was gold and round like the sun.

The Nine returned in 1975, with Gene Rodenberry steering the rudder:

Tom once replied: "We are in truth Aeons" in reference to the Gnostic philosophers, and that very conversation appears later in the book. An Aeon is a term commonly used to describe a period of time, an eternity. However it also describes the highest form of Celestial power, spiritual entities formed from the Divine Presence.

This first exchange, which took place in 1975, is between Gene Roddenberry (of Star Trek fame). Gene had some very long sessions with Tom, and more of them will be found later on in this section.

also, worth pointing out, just as an example of cross fertilization of ideas:

My thanks also go to Lab Nine Ltd' for permission to use extracts from Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth which includes the extract from Uninvited visitors by Ivan T' Sanderson'

Full Text here:
https://archive.org/stream/TheOnlyPlane ... e_djvu.txt

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Re: Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

Postby re-rose rose » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:54 pm

Nate, thanks for digging into the Puharich associations. There is a wealth of research gold there.

But just for now, I want to make note of another bit of shadow language from the first Harry Stone transcript.

Antinea—that name mean anything to you? She has something to do with the temple in the back. There are dark people there too. You learn something like dancing there—to harmonize your body with your soul. An eye to see, and wings to fly beyond. ....

Antinea is curiously close to antenna, is it not?

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Re: Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

Postby nate » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:30 am

I find both Andrija Puharich and Phyllis Schlemmer in the front of my mind in the last couple of days.

It seems Puharich's son is involved in making a documentary about him, a preliminary cut finished in December 2017, which is in fundraising stage at the moment (though it doesn't look promising that it will meet its funding target).

"MInd Over Matter: The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich"

* http://www.puharich.nl/doc.html
* http://www.zzeyefilms.com/
* https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mind ... puharich#/

The cosmology of Schlemmer's contact 'Tom' is starting to make more sense to me, as I read and compare with other similar contacts that happened in the 1970s and earlier (and are ongoing today), including my friend and neighbour Michael Cocks and his 'Stephen'.

There is a surprising amount of coherency among these various communications, I think. The general emerging picture is of Earth being not just a tiny dust mote in a vast uncaring galaxy, but some kind of vitally important cog in the cosmic wheelwork, which has attracted a lot of empathy from vast 'civilisations' (possibly not even physical in the sense that we understand it). Far from being 'vast and cold and unsympathetic' in HG Wells' famous words, these beings or entities are very much interested in our apparently small problems, and want to help, because our problems are somehow radiating out across the universe and harshing everyone else's buzz. But they can only help in minimal ways, since we have free will and need to work out our own problems. Love is the key; we need to raise our consciousness on a planetary scale.

The weirder parts of the cosmology also make a surprising amount of sense. The claim that Earth has been some kind of cosmic.. not quite battleground? Debating chamber? Rescue zone? Something like that. An amusing sort of Keystone Cops cartoon emerges: activists and do-gooders from multiple cosmic civilisations, full of good intentions but not nearly as much wisdom as they imagined, and certainly not enough *love*, incarnating on Earth to try to 'fix' it, only to themselves get caught in the trap of physicality... much like, perhaps, missionaries or diplomats in the 19th and 20th centuries, causing more problems. Another take on the idea of 'fallen angels'.

I rather like the idea that we've all perhaps come to Earth from somewhere else, and that's why everything's so complicated here, why we have such utterly different philosophies. We have to learn to get along. That's the point of this planet, that we CAN'T just power through and fix problems by strength of will.

And the more I read the more I understand how much *fear* these contacts must have generated, at the highest levels of government and religion. So many esoteric and psychic sources, as well as the UFO problem, suggesting that a vast 'space fleet' surrounds Earth and that something like the Biblical 'Armageddon' or 'Second Coming' is in process. Naturally the thoughts of many powerful people took this as a dire warning of 'alien invasion'.

(I suspect H G Wells himself was inspired not just by astronomical studies of Mars, but also by Theosophical speculations about life in other spheres of existence; reflecting both of those through the lens of a vaguely left-liberal political critique of British imperialism.)

Regards, Nate
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Re: Puharich and Leary, Psychonauts of the first degree

Postby nate » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:30 am

An interesting addendum:

Phyllis Schlemmer - around 1975, the same year she visited Israel with Andrija Puharich and Sir John Whitmore under instructions from 'The Nine' - not only met and married an Israeli (Israel Carmel) but also discovered the then newly-published _A Course In Miracles_ - and in fact became the first ACIM teacher! (According to an online source I've now lost *; she was certainly a very early teacher). She then dedicated her life to helping translate ACIM into Hebrew.

(There was also a Bahamas connection with Whitmore, I believe.)

EDIT: Located it. Schlemmer's "Passport to Meditation", 2006 by Old Kings Road Press, Florida. Page 8, the dedication:

https://books.google.com/books?id=-HPvp ... es&f=false

Judith Skutch (Whitson) founder of the Foundation for Inner Peace and publisher of "A Course In Miracles" who inspired me and allowed me to be the first teacher of A Course In Miracles (1975/76), which changed my life and moved me forward...

see also:

I encountered ACIM in 1978, even before the first edition was published. I immediately identified with it and I became involved in organizing a way to teach it in Israel. Phyllis Schlemmer, Avi Yasur and I gathered a group of twelve people. We began by studying photocopies of the English manuscript of the Workbook, but a need quickly arose for a Hebrew version.

In 1976, I was living in a Yoga centre and was looking for a healer. One day a man at the centre told me of two wonderful healers: Dr Phyllis Carmel Schlemmer and her husband Israel Carmel. Phyllis was a gifted American healer and trance-medium who had moved to Israel. Their house became my second home. I would come to them twice a week to get healing treatments and enjoy their presence. I liked being there because of a mysterious aura that emanated from their place and their being. I wanted to be part of what was there, but I didn’t know its name.

One spring day, Phyllis said, “A new Bible has been found in the States.” My thoughts started racing. A new Bible had been found? I was so excited that I wondered if and when and how I would be able to see it. Many questions ran through my mind. Where had they found it? In Qumran, near the Dead Sea where the hidden scrolls were found? Had they found more scrolls in the Judean desert, the desert that I had loved so much in my childhood and that felt to me like a holy desert and like my true home…? I wanted to know a lot more. I introduced Ami Shefman, my teacher in Yoga, to Phyllis Schlemmer. Ami then introduced Phyllis to Ruth and Avi Yasur. During her time as a teacher for the study of the concealed, Phyllis told them about A Course in Miracles. Intrigued, they asked Phyllis to teach them the Course. Together Phyllis and 12 students learned from one set of paperback books, printing sections and copying lessons onto sheets until the three-volume sets of new books arrived six months later.

http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/A_Co ... ation.html
A Course in Miracles was brought to Israel by Phyllis Schlemmer, a world renowned trance medium, in 1977. She formed a group of twelve people (including my mother) who practiced the course. Twelve years later the course was translated into Hebrew by Avi Yasur and Ruthi Sheck Yasur who where also a part of the first group.

These two bits of information might not have a lot of meaning to everyone, but to me they're very meaningful (and positive). But also deeply strange.

You see, 'The Nine' was one of the central subjects of the Evangelical Christian backlash against 'New Age' experiences in the early 1980s. There was deep fear and suspicion of alleged extra-terrestrial contacts, and the group of people around Schlemmer and The Nine were as highly-connected as any in the 'alien contact' scenes. Guests in Schlemmer's trance circle who posed questions to her communicator 'Tom' included, eg, Gene Roddenberry around 1975... after he created the original series of Star Trek but certainly before the first Star Trek movie and the Next Generation series.

(It's reasonable to think that V'ger, the 'vast energy cloud' approaching Earth which needed to 'merge with humanity' in the 1979 Star Trek Motion Picture could have been at least partly inspired by Tom and the Council of Nine and their talk about needing to learn from humans because they did not have the experience of being embodied. Of course the Star Trek movie was a famously difficult production and V'ger also has a lot of other science-fiction elements tossed in - human-created, machine-like, and poses a direct apocalyptic threat. But there are other parallels. V'ger 'digitises' planets and uploads them into a new existence in a way very similar to the then-current 1970s New Age idea of a coming 'energy shift' that would move Earth into a 'new dimension'. )

One of the biggest 1980s Evangelical criticisms of The Nine and similar communicators was a deep fear that a human 'Third Column' were in communication with real alien entities, but that these were evil entities plotting an invasion of earth, and that high on their agenda was destroying both Christianity and the Jewish people. That they were, in fact, literal Space Nazis - possibly the same entities who inspired actual 20th century fascism. (This anti-Israel agenda and identification with Nazism was usually attributed to the Theosophists Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, but The Nine, Puharich, Uri Gellar and Star Trek were rolled into this scenario as well.) A key factor in this theory was Blavatsky's fascination with Tibetan Buddhism and its swastika imagery, and the appearance of 'root races' and racial supremacy theories in her Theosophical literature which could be traced via Anthroposophy and Ariosophy as a direct link to the 'German occult revival' that led to Nazism. It also didn't help that a lot of people in the New Age scene did appear to have a fascination with 'occult Nazism', Tibet, and 'Nazi UFO' theories, which all lent support to this picture.

This was the part of the story when I entered the picture, reading UFO documents in high school in the mid-1980s which included the Townsend Brown mythology, and trying to work out what was going on: WERE alien forces in league with human traitors plotting to institute some kind of coup and world government? SOMETHING was obviously out there, but was it good or evil? What were these forces, and what was their plan for Planet Earth?

But Phyllis Schlemmer not only married an Israeli, she became one of the first 'disciples' of a book strongly linked to Jesus Christ. (ACIM is usually not accepted by Evangelicals as genuine, but I find it hard to see it as anything other than what it claims to be.) And she did this while remaining in contact with 'Tom' and his extraterrestrial friends.

A lot of channelled 'ET communications' seem to be nonsense. But there still seems to be a vague underlying core of truth.

And the weird thing is that Jesus of Nazareth seems to be hanging out with aliens. I mean that not snarkily, but in reality. At the very least, a recurring psychic entity calling itself Jesus of Nazareth has been aligned with other entities calling themselves extra-terrestrials since the 1970s at the earliest. And at least some occurrences of this 'Jesus' entity, to me, have a very high credibility factor.

As an example (which I don't know how to assign credibility; I rank it a lot lower than ACIM): the channellings of Pamela Cribbe ( http://jeshua.net/ ) which began in 2002. Her 'Lightworker Series' appears to build on the Edgar Cayce / Phyllis Schlemmer / Ken Carey mythology of 'Atlantis' and 'starseeds'. Her 'Jeshua's mythos is much like Schlemmer's 'Tom/Atum': there was 'alien' physical interaction with humans in the past, leading to the founding of 'Atlantis'. But something went very wrong with 'Atlantis'. Its inhabitants had an attitude of pride which was their civilisation's downfall. Successive human civilisations have tried to reproduce the Atlantis pyramid structure, with 'good genes' at the top, and that has always been a terrible mistake. The point of Earth is to forget our past and create a new future. People who have a strong drive to 'save the world' might well have been 'from Atlantis'. But trying to change the world by force and by setting up an elite caste didn't work then and it won't work now. The true way forward is democracy, humility and love.

I don't know if this is all just a kind of science fiction. It might well be. We don't understand enough about how psychic communications work to really be sure. It seems that it is possible to 'dial in' to sufficiently powerful shared imaginary constructs. But I like the idea that the way to the future lies in letting go of our past.

As with Phyllis Schlemmer, I find Pamela Cribbe's material on Atlantis and 'starseeds' challenging. Yet I find her relatively plausible. Here for instance is her 'Jeshua's comments on the channelling process. Whoever this entity is, I feel reasonably confident is saying his message is very much the same as that channelled by Helen Schuchman in ACIM.

(The phrase 'Remember the women' has a lot of resonance in the channelling scene. Not every strong psychic is a woman, but the majority of them seem to be.)


Channeling is a way of getting closer to yourself with the help of another – non-physical – being. This being temporarily plays the role of a teacher. The energy of the teacher helps you get to a deeper level of yourself. The teacher’s energy lifts you out of the fears that keep your own light veiled.

A teacher shows you your own light. The teacher is more aware of your light than you are. As soon as this light, your inner knowing, is accessible to yourself, the teacher becomes superfluous. You are then able to channel your own light. The teacher does not have to act as a bridge any more between you and your higher self.

I am reminding you for a while of your own light. I mirror your greatness to you in the shape of Jeshua ben Joseph. In me you see yourself, your Christ self, but you do not realize this fully yet. I am like a frame of reference to you, my energy serves as a beacon. I help you get more deeply acquainted with your own Christ self. It slowly will move to the foreground, and I will move to the background. This is all right. It is as it should be. Don’t forget, in this relationship, I am there for you, you are not there for me. I am not the aim, but the means. The rebirth of Christ is the awakening of your Christ self, not mine.

I act according to what serves your greater Self. My aim is that you make me superfluous. When you channel me, do not try to make yourself small or invisible. I wish that you make yourself bigger, feel your true strength flow out of you and shine upon the world.

A teacher points at the road but it is you who walk it. After a while, you find yourself walking alone, having left the teacher behind. This is a grand and sacred moment. The teacher will stay with you, will live on in your heart as an inner presence, but the separate figure will disappear.

We stay connected, but as you grow, you will less and less see me, or want to call upon me, as a separate being. I will slowly become part of your own energy. And at some point, you will not know me as separate from you anymore. This will show that you have truly heard and seen me.

Phyllis Schlemmer's 'Passport to Meditation', p34:

https://books.google.com/books?id=-HPvp ... &q&f=false

Tom's Prayer
from the Council of Nine
for the Nations of Earth

We pray that the nations of Earth come to peace within themselves and come to recognise whence they came.

We pray that all the civilizations of the Universe that are engaged in the balancing of the Universe, be given strength and peace within, to carry on the work to which they are committed.

We pray that the physical beings of the planet Earth come into a state of awareness and understanding, in order for their souls to evolve, to raise the level of the planet Earth and to cleanse the heavens around the planet Earth so that the Universe can progress.

We pray that those beings and civilizations that are opposing what we do come to the light of understanding, so that they also come into perfect balance.

We pray that the day may come soon when all in the Universe will have the knowledge and understanding that will make them whole.

We pray for understanding among ourselves, and for the strength that is needed so that each of us can guide the others to become perfect beings.

We pray for the souls of the children of Earth to be brought out of the dark and into the light.


Regards, Nate
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I came upon this thing called 'trust'
It helps
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