From Deep Space With Love: Tracy Farquhar and 'Frank'

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From Deep Space With Love: Tracy Farquhar and 'Frank'

Postby nate » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:58 am

It's been clear to me for a while that most contacts with allegedly 'alien' beings are actually received over the human psychic rather than physical sensory channel - from the 1940s post-Theosophical groups who saw UFOs as a *confirmation* of their already-existing contacts (eg Borderlands Research), through Phyllis Schlemmer's 'The Nine' and the late-1960s 'A New Mode of Communication' psychic experiments and contactee research at Douglas Aircraft which brought Robert Wood into the UFO scene. (see eg ... &Itemid=51 - I note that Joseph Brown (no relation to Townsend) has updated his 'ether theory' that he started during that research just last year). And many others, no doubt.

Further, in the last maybe... five years or so I've noted a trend among the more open-minded UFO and Forteana researchers (eg: people like Nick Redfern) of moving away from the 'nuts and bolts' paradigm and back to the Vallee/Keel 'extradimensional' paradigm.

So I found it interesting to stumble on a book in a local bookstore from psychic Tracy Farquhar describing a contact from an entity which approached her in 2009, and then later in 2013. The entity - rather similarly to The Nine - claims to be a collective of eight beings from a distant galaxy who are (psychically, not physically) observing our world. Also like The Nine's 'Tom', this group call themselves 'Frank'.

Unlike "The Nine', there doesn't seem to be quite such an aura of weirdness and conspiracy around Farquhar and Frank. There is a slight whiff of commercialism, as after her first self-published book ('Frank Talks', 2014 - ... 1505427509 ) she has caught the attention of New Age book and seminar guru Mike Dooley, and it's her second book which came out this year with his co-authorship on it 'From Deep Space With Love' - ... bc?ie=UTF8

The odd thing? From what I've seen of Farquhar's 'Frank' material, it looks very positive and common-sense.

The message is a familiar and recurring one among spiritualists and New Age channellers going back to the 19th century: The Earth is approaching a critical transition point. We face grave planetary challenges, but also the chance to build a planetary society. There is much interest and support from those around us, in multiple dimensions. We need to evolve more toward love for each other and reshape our society to a more socially compassionate, ecologically sustainable, and less hierarchical base. This looks hard but we each have more power than we know. There is a loving intelligence behind the universe and it manifests inside every being. We should get in touch with this Source, which is also our own best/higher nature. Then we will each know what we personally need to do to help the transition. The other intelligences observing us can't do this internal work for us, we have to do it ourselves, because it is an important learning opportunity. They wish us all the best and will help as much as they can. They do not communicate in words but in thoughts and emotions, or some layer even deeper.

If that's the true nature of 'alien contact', then I'm okay with it, I think.

Regards, Nate
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Re: From Deep Space With Love: Tracy Farquhar and 'Frank'

Postby Griffin » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:20 am

It is. Of that referenced alien contact. The confederation I collectively call Visitants.

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Re: From Deep Space With Love: Tracy Farquhar and 'Frank'

Postby G-Man » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:44 am

I am tempted to agree with this. My experiences suggest that the human mind is capable of less than some claim but more than most would admit whilst sober. I believe some animals to be quite capable of an exchange of "Inner Cinema" and other non-verbal impressions and memories. Communal animals learn to share their dreams. I am becoming increasingly adept at getting insects, particularly bees, to walk onto my hand and stay there while I walk to the door or window. Recently I did this with a wasp, a notoriously irascible creature. Fruitbat reported some success with the techniques of "reaching out" and "listening" when his beloved cat Blackjack became sick, to the extent that he was able to find a tumour growing in the cat's mouth. I suspect that this is a proximity effect whereby one brain is capable of inducing electrical activity in another by dint of its radiated electromagnetic waveforms - but I don't know for sure. It could equally be that a different, more mysterious, degree of freedom is employed

As far as the aliens are concerned, and perhaps most controversially of all, I think I may have received some technical and scientific information from them.

Alas, I lack the courage to attempt the experiments they may have suggested to me, I am very concerned that Our Glorious Leaders are not at all trustworthy and perhaps I'm happy with my illusions and I would not want to risk damaging them by a null result :)

The ideal situation for me would be a lotto win which enabled me to emigrate to one of the Visegrad nations and set up a laboratory. As the pioneers of Solar System mining, they would be less likely to bow to Brussels and begin that process of national and cultural destruction they are so keen to avoid. There's no substitute for experience, as the saying goes - and they have had plenty of that
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