Hidden Agenda?

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Hidden Agenda?

Postby mark moody » Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:21 am

Is it possible that Mr. Brown had a hidden agenda while at the Bahnson lab?
Could he have performed some experiments alone when others were absent or away at meetings?
Think about this.j
Why does the lab video show what clearly appears to be a wing airfoil creating movement when charged?
The wing is seen suspended from the ceiling with a leading edge and a rear edge made of metal while the center appears to be plexiglass.
Why is this present in this lab when Bahnson clearly was interested in a saucer type device?
Is this the beginning of the B2?
And why does Mr. Brown's notebooks clearly show devices experimented with during that time but they are not ALL shown in the video.
Did Mr. Brown make some discoveries of his own unbeknownst to King and Bahnson?
And while we are talking secrets, why did Mr. Bahnson feel it was so important to keep certain people informed of what was being done in his lab?
Why all the trips?
Why all the letters?
Where is all that correspondence now?
And finally, who exactly purchased all the sold off equipment and devices and where is all that historic material at now?
As someone once stated, we all have our own agendas.
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Re: Hidden Agenda?

Postby re-rose rose » Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:55 pm

Mark, NASA was being launched then, with many labs coming under one umbrella, but the wrangling in Washington over space surveillance programs continued still.

I think there was important work being done elsewhere, and would love to see the flight logs for Bahnson's plane during that time. If my hypothesis is right, that Townsend was Cesna-ferried to and from other locations, we should find a pattern in some of those destinations.

I imagine Bahnson left his archives to the University of North Carolina, but nothing pops up on a quick search, though the University of Texas has a whole section of Bryce DeWitt correspondence and memorabilia under the heading of UNC Institute of Field Physics:
https://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/utcah/0 ... 00413.html

lots of Bahnson stuff there!

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Re: Hidden Agenda?

Postby Linda Brown » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:48 pm

Hi Mark.

The exact quote was from "Morgan" to PAUL Schatzkin was...." Everyone has an agenda Paul. Do you know mine yet?"
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Re: Hidden Agenda?

Postby Linda Brown » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:57 pm

personally I have come to the understanding that "Morgans'" agenda was multilayered, like his personality. I understand more now, but it's taken years.

One of the layers was....security....of valuable information.

Morgan has always been a hunter. One that people usually never recognize.

I can not speak for most of it but I certainly can understand the situation that was closest to me. My belief that those surrounding me was so naive...that looking back on it now... I am mortified with my stupidity.

At one point man named Smith sat at a table with a group of people I thought were dear and trusted friends...(..that was not entirely the truth)...and though he didn't point them out specifically to me , he warned that I had traitors in my midst. MIKADO WAS THE FIRST TO STAND UP...and walk out in a huff!

That was the beginning of the end for the Mikado, Fred, Andrew alliance.and friendly relationship with me.....Smith knew that would happen but I believe that I had to travel that road to my own conclusion...no one else could do it for me...and no one else could simply explain what was happening.

It was also a case where time had to pass and Mikado had to prove his own agenda on his own...with his very own words.... Which I believe he has more than accomplished.

So perhaps SOME of the hidden agendas" had something to do with looking out for my interests...and while doing that also protecting information has yet to come in our direction. Mr. Twigsnapper has had nearly a lifetime in that role....and I believe that both he and Smith are acting to protect Dads interest also...a matter of lifetime loyalty.

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Linda Brown
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Re: Hidden Agenda?

Postby nate » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:58 am

Hi Linda. The question of 'what is the agenda behind either the concealment or the release of this information, or both' has confused me since I first heard of Townsend Brown in the 1980s. And for myself, I still can't say I understand 'Morgan's agenda (but then I didn't receive all the many communications from him that Paul did; and maybe there's more context behind the question there).

I guess over the years I've come to understand that part of the confusion maybe comes from there being multiple groups with mutiple agendas all through the mutiple entwined scenes that Townsend Brown touched: the US Navy, CIA, intelligence war, space program, gravity research, UFOs, psi and ESP. Perhaps every individual involved has their own agenda. And of course people and their priorities change over time too.

Certainly my reaction reading, say, David Hatcher Childress's 'Antigravity Handbook' and similar books in the 80s was: 'wtf?? Who are/were these people? Why haven't I heard of any of this? Is it true? Were these devices built? Did they work?' And I've come to realise the answer to many of those questions is 'it's complicated, maybe, dunno'. At least I feel I've answered part of 'who were these people?' There were multiple overlapping 'scenes': at least a WW2 atomic/radar scene, and a 1950s gravity physics scene, and I guess a 1960s Russian psi scene, and a 1970s-80s hippie/New Age scene, and the 'UFO invisible college' threaded all through it, and they all interacted in multiple confusing ways. What came after the 80s, I don't feel I understand at all. The world got big and networked; the first and second generation of UFO researchers retired; Gen-X and Millennials are mostly reduced to just doing Google searches and reading books online.

In the early 1990s I had high hopes that with the Cold War over, 'disclosure' might be just around the corner, but it didn't seem to be. We got the X-Files instead, which built a popular sci-fi mythology around the idea of UFOs and suppressed science, but didn't answer any questions.

Since then my expectations have dropped pretty low. Low enough that I'm happy to find any true information that comes along (and there certainly are many interesting stories floating to the surface from the defense/science community), but I'm not especially expecting much in the way of revelations of 'the answer'. I guess if there is some major hidden truth, it will come out if and when it decides to come out.

Can't help but feel that if someone wanted to release the information they could have done it anytime in the last 60 years... and on the other hand if they wanted to keep the secret they could just keep on doing nothing. So... what's in between those options, I wonder?

How is Mr Twigsnapper? He must be in his 90s by now, I think? I know some people in their 80s who still keep me on my toes though.

Regards, Nate
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