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Postby Grimalkin » Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:25 am

I remember thinking about the firefighters; how they weren't used to dealing with something so overwhelming; something where so very many of them would die in the line of duty. They knew on a day to day basis, that their job was a dangerous one, and they accepted the risks. But this one was just so much more. I remember the picture of the chaplain who collapsed and died in the line of duty. We don't think of chaplains dying in the line of duty.

Ten years later we have people who believe that all Muslims hate Americans and want to see us dead. I have a lot of Muslim neighbors. I see them at the grocery store, at Target buying school supplies for their kids, they have yet to make ant threatening gestures towards me or any other non-Muslims. And nobody in the store or the neighborhood bats an eye at the hijabs or the occasional burqa. I'm truly blessed to live in such an eclectic and tolerant neighborhood.



Postby Linda Brown » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:47 pm

I just happened to notice this thread... where we were all talking about the towers coming down in New York City. I mentioned on my first post that my daughter, her husband Shawn and their baby Cody were here with us. Shawn very quickly reinlisted with the Marines....and he has put in a wonderful and honorable career with them.. Cody is now 18 years old and learning to be his own person.... we are looking forward to having us all back together this fall after some long separations which have lasted for years.

I just wanted to bring this thread to the top.... this November it will be another anniversary of that incident. I think that it will be a good time to look back at all of this.

I do want to go to ground zero sometime soon. I understand that there has been an equestrian statue erected there that honors the covert mounted units that went into Afghanistan. They have not been mentioned for years. But things change, I see, and its gratifying to me to know that those men are getting the credit that they earned. More soon.
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