If I were the suspicious type:

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If I were the suspicious type:

Postby re-rose rose » Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:54 pm

I might connect this 1952 UFO observation to the political situation brewing in Iran at that time:

The Iran case is a single page that describes a luminous object traveling at great speed that probably wasn’t a meteor, according to the file. The sighting was representative of a number of sightings over the Iranian/Soviet border at the time.

And then I might say someone scrubbed the files:
Here’s where we are on this, which says nothing about the sighting itself, but on the reporting of it. Hynek claimed that it came from the CIA, but the Blue Book file does not bear that out. He said it was one of the “unidentifieds” in Blue Book, but the index and the case file do not bear that out.

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