No Man's Sky!!

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No Man's Sky!!

Postby dcooper » Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:46 pm

So I'm really excited for the release of No Man's Sky video game!!! It will be released on August 9th in the U.S.A! No Man's sky, for those who haven't heard about it, is a procedurally generated open universe game. Where you explore, fight, trade, and survive. One of the objectives is to travel to the center of the universe (or a really really huge galaxy. I heard both) and there's something amazing there. The developers won't say what's there, but they said its worth it. It's the largest game in distance ever created! Elite Dangerous: Horizon now being the second largest game. No Man's Sky has 18 Quintillion planets with life!!! Well, 10% of those 18 Quintillion planets will have life (1.8E18 planets). The other 90% (1.62E19) will not!! Which is good in a realistic sense. They say this universe is so large that it would take roughly five billion years to visit each planet for one second if everyone on this planet played!!! It's an impressive game made by a very small group of 14 people! I already pre-paid it two months go. I'm super pumped and excited for the game!! Don't know if anyone on this forum plays video games, but it seems like an amazing game!


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Re: No Man's Sky!!

Postby nate » Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:12 am

Hi dcooper. I'm old enough to remember being blown away by the original Elite, and yeah, I've been following some of the hype for No Man's Sky. I played around with procedural generation in my teens, back when I first learned how you could code pseudo-random numbers to make an infinitely sized game in a tiny BASIC engine. I'm glad procedural - and the space exploration genre - has come back in vogue in the indie gaming scene in recent years. No Man's Sky certainly looks pretty, though I suspect those quintillions of planets might start to look just a little similar after a while.

For me the space game to beat will always be Wing Commander: Privateer, which even though it had a tiny galaxy just seemed somehow to capture that sense of being a little person on the frontier of a large war. But here's hoping for something wonderful.

Regards, Nate
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Re: No Man's Sky!!

Postby fruitbat » Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:55 pm

I am a bit worried these days that we all might "capture that sense of being a little person on the frontier of a large war"...
Apart from a month or so of being paid to play "quake" when a new owner of a business I was contracting at got his sums a bit wrong, leaving an entire IT department that previously supported 300+users with virtually no users, and a narrow escape from "unreal" addiction I have steered clear of video games.
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Re: No Man's Sky!!

Postby Linda Brown » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:58 pm

I admit to trying to play PacMan at the Avalon Arcade.... oh maybe in the early seventies???? but I was a dismal failure.... Jumped in my little electric cart... drove up to the stable, saddled my horse and took off over the trails of Catalina for the rest of the day. That my dears was the end of my " gaming experience".

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