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Postby re-rose rose » Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:58 pm

As most of us know, Beau Kitselman attended Babson college, and seems to have developed some type of statistical approach for Roger Babson to apply to stock market analysis. Babson would later become one of the founders of the Institute at devoted to the study of gravity at North Carolina.

In case you wonder (and I'm sure you do!) what Babson students are up to these days. This might be better titled "Getting Baked for Fun and Profit"

Babson Cannabis Symposium 2015 – Redefining Entrepreneurship at Babson

....A report from Greenwave Advisors on the emerging legalised marijuana industry, projects that legal cannabis could be an industry bigger than the NFL by 2020 with revenues of $35 billion if marijuana is legalised at the federal level. The report cites that 12 states plus DC will have legalised recreational marijuana in that time, with medical marijuana markets in 37 states. Currently, 23 states have legalised medical marijuana, and two have legalised the plant for recreational use. The legal marijuana industry generated roughly $1.53 billion in revenues in 2013.

With the growing opportunity and promise that this market holds the launch of the Babson Cannabis Club has caught us at a perfect moment. Let’s all be a part of an entrepreneurial disruption at Babson during this exciting and historic time!

Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing this. I will get back on the TTB track sooner or later, but right now the bees are humming a different tune.

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