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Re: apologizing in advance

Postby Linda Brown » Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:53 pm

re-rose rose wrote:
the financial pages always describe the working poor to lower middle class being priced out of a place to live as the property market 'recovering' or 'rebounding'. Mass poverty and lifetime debt are exciting positive things if you're the creditor, I guess.

It's called "Urban Renewal" here, Nate. Either that, or Urban Sprawl. Even if the working poor could find something they could afford to buy and have excellent credit, mortgage companies won't finance properties in that price range, so they are caught in a double vice.

I worry that in our eagerness to "fix" things, we always forget to consider the possible long term backlash. For example we recently had solar panels put on our roof and their surface gets very hot in the middle of the day. And so I wonder if, as rooftop solar and larger solar farms spread through the southwest, the amount of heat they radiate into the atmosphere won't have some noticeable effect on the weather.

How many acres/miles of panels would have to be in place before we would observe changes in larger weather systems. Is it possible that in the long run, solar may not be turn out to the "harmless" renewable energy source we think it is?


Something to think about Rose...what might the downside be to some of these wondrous technologies. I can remember my enthusiasm at the thought of being able to cover so many miles, nearly instantly...to hear " Morgan's quiet warning...there is a cost......"
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Re: apologizing in advance

Postby re-rose rose » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:04 am

Political Compass quiz again and It's still me and Gandhi, pretty much alone in the lower left corner.

It puts me in that quadrant, too, G-Man, down with the Greens and the Plaid Cymru.
But it's a frustrating test. Though It makes it easy to sort the results by quadrant, I would be happier with it if there were a middle choice, for "don't know enough to make an informed decision" or "neither agree/nor disagree," where a lot of my answers might have fallen.

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